PopUppari & The Creative Studio

PopUppari is the place for all crea­ti­vi­ty, quality, and op­por­tu­ni­ty. We proudly offer treasures nurtured by creative hands and minds.
The PopUppari concept is speci­fical­ly designed and es­tablis­hed to foster and encourage crea­ti­vi­ty for all types of ent­repre­neurs, small busi­nes­ses, family busi­nes­ses and in­di­vi­dual artisans - whether they specia­lize in art, hand crafted goods, music, li­te­ra­tu­re or any other forms of expres­sion-re­gard­less of age, gender, ci­tizens­hip, location, etc.
PopUppari acts as a brokerage channel, offering a low-risk op­por­tu­ni­ty where artisans may explore the world of ent­repre­neurs­hip with minimal risk at a rea­so­nable cost.
PopUppari also provides work and ex­hi­bi­tion space for artisans, which we call the Creative Studio.  These in­di­vi­dual "studios" enable in­di­vi­duals to be creative while es­tablis­hing a sense of community among fellow artists.  It is a place where ideas can be shared with like-minded people and work may be exhibited.  It also provides the op­por­tu­ni­ty to connect and engage with PopUppari's guests and potential future clients for the artists-all under one creative umbrella.
PopUppari and The Creative Studio is a "win-win" for everyone.

PopUppari's Founder, Minna

I designed and created PopUppari as an al­ter­na­ti­ve to the "tra­di­tio­nal" re­stric­ti­ve concepts and con­straints of es­tablis­hing and main­tai­ning business op­por­tu­ni­ties for Artisans seeking to make their dreams a reality.
I found that the "typical" way of thinking prevented too many creative minds and hands from pursuing their dreams and artistic potential.  I wanted to create an en­vi­ron­ment where Artisans can flourish without the ingrained and limiting criteria which is normally consigned to them.  My goal was to develop a different kind of business model for a brick-and-mortar store-a place where Artisans have a stronger chance for economic freedom and artistic repre­sen­ta­tion.

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The Creative Studio

PopUppari now offers creative studio/works­paces at our new location for amateur and pro­fes­sio­nal artists. Our goal is to provide artisans and artists with a clean, af­for­dable, and com­for­table en­vi­ron­ment to pursue their creative dreams where they can thrive and find new ins­pi­ra­tions and discover peer support.
Be inspired to create in your very own studio en­vi­ron­ment while showca­sing your work to the public and to our guests.
Offer your own workshops or classes.
Artists will be entitled to full access to their studio/workspace during PopUppari’s normal business hours.

Join Us at PopUppari

Are you in­te­res­ted in bringing your artistic vision to the world?
PopUppari is a unique concept which operates as a direct in­ter­me­dia­ry consumer goods brokerage company. Direct sales are carried out as a brokerage, with PopUppari acting as an in­ter­me­dia­ry between the Business Customer and the Consumer Customer.
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